Nigel Barker

Nigel is an English Bulldog, born January 25th, 2017. He likes short walks, playing with his soccer ball, sniffing toes, and eating strawberries.  You can usually find him snuggling on the large bed in the store.



Gabby is a sweet eight-year-old Cavapoo who loves visitors; she will always greet you at the door!  She likes to follow her mum around the store, and help everyone pick out the perfect treat for their K9 companion.  While she is always very sweet, she loves to party too; just check out her mohawk and tail!



Mary puppins

Born in June 2017, Mary is the newest puppy to join the Tail Blazers Oakville family. She is a very energetic English Bulldog and enjoys playing with other dogs and children.


Take a walk through the store and find these tags on Nigel and Gabby's favourite treats and foods.


Mary and Nigel LOVE their Flying Hound pupsicles after playing with all of their friends!