See what's happening at Tail Blazers Oakville.


Flying Hound is here

An Ottawa-based company, Flying Hound creates natural treats with no additives or preservatives. The treats are organically and locally sourced, 100% Canadian. Tail Blazers Oakville is happy to carry Hound Pops - "pupsicles" for dogs. Come in to the store to see the varieties that can be a cool treat for your dog or check out Mary and Nigel enjoying one.

Get Your Bones!!!

Bones are good for your dog. Tail Blazers Oakville has a variety of different bones than can be a reward for good behaviour. The act of chewing and gnawing is good mental stimulation for your dog because they will have to hold it down and work the bone at different angles to scrape them clean. 

Studies have shown that when dogs chew, their brains release endorphins - giving the same good feeling we get after we exercise.


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