Welcome to Tail Blazers Oakville



Our goal is to make readily available human-grade, healthy and nutrient-rich, species appropriate, and life enhancing products for pets. 

We promise to continue to be trendsetters in our industry by purchasing ONLY from companies that are constantly improving their product line. As the pet food industry grows and advances we will continually improve our product offerings.

We vow to carry as many Canadian and ECO-Friendly product options that we can while maintaining the quality our customers have come to know and trust.



    A species appropriate diet in regards to pet foods basically means that the food is as close to what nature intended your dog or cat (or any animal species), to eat. This diet contains all of the needed nutrients in an easily assimilated form and is the healthiest diet they can eat!

    Tail Blazers believes that the BARF diet, also known as the “bones and raw food” diet or “raw food” diet is the most holistic, species appropriate diet for canines and felines because it’s what they would have eaten in the wild. Raw food is not scientifically created, it just is. Although naysayers claim that companion animals have evolved and no longer benefit from raw food diets, it is worth mentioning that the DNA of wolves and dogs varies by less than 1%!


    Our Local Products

    Almost all our raw pet foods are manufactured in Canada

    • We have a HUGE selection of Canadian made pet treats
    • Our dry pet food selection is growing to include more and more Canadian made brands

    Although sourcing local and Canadian made products is of the utmost importance to us, we will always maintain the high quality standards our customers are used to, and never compromise – no matter where it’s made!



    Meet the team

    The staff at Tail Blazers Oakville are always eager to have a conversation about the benefits of a raw food diet for your pet. Come by and discuss your pet's needs, check out the self serve wash, shop for toys and accessories or come play with Nigel,  Gabby and Mary.